What Board is

BOARD is the only product on the market that offers a unified architecture for Business Intelligence, Analytics and Performance Management. Reporting, dashboarding, data discovery, planning, simulation capabilities are guaranteed based on a single data repository, with a single logical view of the data model (metadata), a single security environment, a single user interface, a single development and administration environment.
The result is a platform in which any change to data, data model, security profiles or business rules is immediately propagated to each application, ensuring a high level of user friendliness, an unmatchable time to solution and complete reliability of data throughout the company.

Why Board

Speed: HBMP in-memory technology, toolkit; data-fast track, dynamic data models: each BOARD component has been designed to guarantee maximum development speed and high performance.

Easy to use: A self-service data discovery environment allows users to search for information easily, interact intuitively with their data and perform in-depth analysis with the utmost simplicity.

User autonomy: The no-programming approach provides users with the ability to rapidly develop and maintain sophisticated planning and analysis applications with minimal IT support.

TCO: BOARD toolkit approach provides unsurpassed agility in creating, customizing and maintaining applications, ensuring a "Total Cost of Ownership" that can not be achieved with traditional solutions.

How we use it

BOARD is suitable for the needs of any industrial sector.
Business Intelligence, Performance Management and Analytics - All in One Different industries have KPIs, business drivers, challenges and different processes. From a functional point of view, our all-in-one approach basically means that BOARD provides in a single unified environment all the capabilities necessary for the creation, management and maintenance of a wide variety of applications, adaptable to the requirements and needs of any industry, from Reporting and Dashboarding to Simulation and Forecasting, Budgeting and Planning. The value of BOARD for customers has been demonstrated in all industrial sectors. Find out more about how to meet the challenges of your industry.


A new path to Retail Planning & Analytics

Emerging from the constraints of traditional solutions and the limitations of Excel, a unified platform for planning and analytics changes the game.

Food & Beverage

Better decisions in the Food & Beverage industry

Thanks to its flexibility and capabilities, BOARD has been chosen by several of the most prestigious European food and beverage companies


BOARD Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence

Combine planning, simulation and analytics to strike the right balance between supply and demand, effectively manage profitability and tightly align financial objectives with plant-floor operations.

Restaurant services

Business intelligence, Planning and Predictive Analytics for Restaurant Services and Chains

Increase control and profitability of your restaurant and casual dining network

Oil & Gas

BOARD is the all-in-one BI and CPM solution for upstream, midstream and downstream processes

The comprehensive decision-making platform for HydroCarbon Supply & distribution


Business Intelligence, Planning and Predictive Analytics for the Business Environment

BOARD covers all the analysis, planning and simulation requirements of Property & Construction organisations

Financial Services

BOARD optimize decision making processes for the Financial Service Industry

Thanks to BOARD, Financial Services firms achieve meaningful insights on customer behaviour and incorporate risk monitoring and compliance responsibilities into performance management.


Business Intelligence and Planning for legal firms

With the legal landscape changing faster than ever before it's vital for legal firms to have access to important data all in one solution in order to stay ahead of the game

Professional Services Firms

Meet all your Project Intelligence, resource budgeting, planning & forecasting needs with BOARD

Balance and leverage your key profit drivers to achieve the highest realization for any project and team

Insurance Providers

Business Intelligence, Planning and Predictive Analytics for Insurance Providers

Unleash the power of big data through BOARD, providing the capability to digitize end-to-end insurers' decision-making processes


BOARD comines Healthcare Intelligence, Operations and Financial Planning

Healthcare Enterprise Analytics, Planning and Forecastings


Right drug, right time, right price: end-to-end decision-making in the Pharma industry

Analyze, Plan and Simulate in the Pharmaceutical Industry