Audi Zentrum Alessandria

Management Control, Marketing & Sales & Customer Loyalty, Organization & HR

Audi Zentrum Alessandria is one of the most important Audi dealers on the Italian market.  The experience and the professionalism of the Team find a natural reason why thanks to the presence of the Team leader Dindo Capello, official Audi driver and winner of 3 editions of the 24 hours of Le Mans.

  • Identify and disseminate a shared and in-depth reorganization model, from a continuous learning perspective, to address internal and market complexities
  • Improvement of value generating processes
  • Market analysis and segmentation
  • Communication and promotion budget management
  • Reorganization and redesign of the organizational model, (primary and secondary processes) and of measurement of the performances
  • Integration of the model with the informative system management
  • Work Flow Management
  • Planning and introduction of a process of operational and strategic strengthening of Marketing activities
  • Management and control of management complexity
  • Increase in Customer Satisfaction
  • Increase in commercial margins due to an increase in revenues and market share; qualification of marketing and communication expenses with positive effects on ROI
  • Definition of Marketing Mix levers