What Opencrmitalia is

Vtiger is an open source CRM software. It is a complete, extremely flexible and customizable solution that allows you to organize and monitor, in their complexity, all the interactions you have with your customers, whether they are potential (leads) or acquired customers (individuals and companies) and to manage all phases of the sales process and after-sales activities (customer assistance) in an integrated and effective manner.

This is a modular solution that allows you to manage all the typical activities of marked-oriented companies.

VTiger's numerous modules include: leads management, company management, contact management, price list and product management module, invoice form, quotation form, product form (warehouse), orders, customer assistance, webmail, report form and graphical dashboard, marketing campaign management module.

The system can be used by many users at the same time, which can be organized hierarchically through roles, profiles and groups, to faithfully reproduce the specific business reality and distribute access and privileges in the correct way.

Why Opencrmitalia

The program has an easy and pleasant web interface - that is, it is used and navigated as if it were a website. Together with the ease of use, the web based solution allows you to interrogate the CRM system remotely in a very intuitive and effective way. The VTiger server can then be installed according to the needs on a single PC, on a company server, on a remote server that can be accessed via internet.

An appropriate tool that allows our customers to operate in accordance with INBOUND MARKETING and the high degree of customization also allows you to manage all the information useful to the company itself to better profile their contacts/customers and then identify in detail the different buyer personas and assign a Lead Scoring to everyone.

A company that uses the Vtiger software has the advantage of being able to check the visits made, make an analysis of the feedback, carry out targeted campaigns based on the characteristics of the client and monitor their effectiveness, promote company values ​​through effective communication, etc.

The company will follow a precise and detailed workflow of data collection, storage and sharing of collected information, subdividing the names between LEAD (potential customer), PROSPECT (potential customer already contacted), CUSTOMER, PARTNER, COMPETITOR, etc., designing of marketing campaigns targeted to specific targets, monitoring of the return in the short, medium and long term.

How we use it
  • Management and structure of the necessary registries: structure of the Customers profiles, characteristics, occurrences and entities with the need for queries, modifications and lists, product master data.
  • Historical activity on current or potential customer: traceability and querying offers, notes, visits, reports etc., status of the sales process (won, suspended, lost). Unsold sales specific management.
  • Dynamic view of the activities on the customer with management and attribution of specific tasks on Sales Force and specific views of monitoring activities vs. budget and activities underway by the Sales Department.
  • Management of visits and minutes with current and potential customers (direct link Agent/Customer/Visit) Calendars
  • Campaign management through all the features and links with the activities, calendar, customers, products.