What Arxivar is

ARXivar is the Italian platform of Enterprise Information Management that governs and measures the life cycle of any information and document content.

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Why Arxivar

We have chosen ARXivar because it allows us to ensure the operating results expected by our Clients in terms of efficiency, effectiveness, reduction of low added value activities and operational risks, both in simpler and more complex organizational contexts.

To do this, we needed not only a document system but a solution that simplified the management of processes, customizable without developing code, open to integrations with other systems and with a User Experience customized to the user and independent of the device used.

How we use it

ARXivar is the ideal platform to support our organizational review and processes, serving the business and operations, in any business area:

Management and Government

  • Change management
  • Context management and strategic actions
  • Planning and execution of the CDA
  • Collection and approval of CDA information proposals
  • Verbal management

Human Resources

  • Employee digital file
  • Selection and CV management
  • Hiring and discharge management process
  • Evaluation questionnaires
  • Training and career paths
  • Business facilities and medical visits
  • Self-service administrative practices
  • Sending and receiving documentation

Administration, finance and control

  • Active cycle
  • Passive cycle
  • Orders to Suppliers
  • Customer Orders
  • Order confirmations
  • Payment approval
  • Credit recovery

Sales and Marketing

  • Management of business opportunities
  • Issue of offers
  • Customer file
  • Conference management
  • Lead Generation
  • Customer contracts

Post Sale

  • Support and ticketing
  • Management of interventions and reports
  • Handling complaints

Legal business

  • Legal practices
  • Collection and sorting of instances
  • Drafting and approval of documents
  • Transmission via PEC
  • Automatic reconciliation of ACCEPTANCE and DELIVERY receipts
  • Contract validation


  • DDT transmission with read notification
  • Transmission of safety data sheets with read notification
  • Back-end to the Track & Trace system
  • Graphometric signature DDT

Informative Systems

  • Ticketing system
  • Support management
  • Technical documentation
  • Training manuals


  • Development of new product or service
  • Requirements collection
  • Feasibility evaluation
  • Article registry management


  • Supplier Register Management
  • Supplier Certification
  • Expiry of documents
  • Self-service conferment of Supplier documents
  • Transmission and tracking of orders to the Supplier


  • Datasheet
  • Order management
  • «Transmittal» management
  • Project changes management


  • Integrated management system
  • Risk management
  • Management of the context and strategic actions
  • ISO9001, 14001, 18001, 27001, 45001
  • 231 - 262