New Logo, New Identity

A new identity for Bios Management 

A new identity for Bios Management to represent a constantly evolving reality and to express the values that characterize and make our company unique: Optimism, Listening, Continuous Improvement, Reliability, Solidity.



This is Bios Management and this is what we wanted to express with the new logo through a careful choice of the font, the color and the graphic elements.

  • Font Monserrat: created in a neighborhood of Buenos Aires in a project financed through crowdfunding, is a font that appears elegant and at the same time modern, clear and adaptable, inspired by the timeless beauty of the city signs of the 20s revisited with a modern touch.
  • Anthracite Gray and Light Blue: to affirm the solidity and the concreteness combined with the reliability and the freshness, the same qualities that we, at Bios Management, bring to the execution of projects for our customers.
  • The "Swoosh": what once was the ascending gray line has become the symbol that emphasizes the first two characters of Bios, "BI" which stands for Business Intelligence, one of the key elements of Bios Management to support management consulting and the implementation of performance management systems.


All this to highlight the strength of the Organization characterized by the perfect combination of two souls: Technological and Business Innovation united with a single goal: to create growth, improvement and efficiency.

The logo has changed but our Purpose - the long-term purpose - remains the same: “to help companies focus on their potential and bring it to life to achieve sustainable, lasting and profitable businesses”. We operate as a natural extension of the client's team, not only as thinkers but also as real implementers of solutions that generate concrete and measurable results.


“Take Care of Your Business”