Financial Consolidation in-depth analysis

Bios Management offers you Financial Consolidation solutions that allow companies to achieve civil and management consolidation in a single integrated Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management environment, ensuring not only full visibility on financial results, but also the ability to bring them back to operational activity.

Bios Management puts its experience into practice and does so through the Financial Consolidation tool of Board which addresses the specific difficulties of organizations with multiple entities, such as inter-company reconciliations, consolidation adjustments and reporting of the corporate group.

The presence of advanced application functionalities allows the normalization of data coming from different systems and accounting, the carrying out of automatic conversions between different currencies and the rapid creation of directional reporting and the integrative note.

The solution offered by Bios fully meets the criteria of traceability and validation of data required by the main international regulations. The presence of the workflow control panel facilitates the monitoring and management of the consolidation process throughout the company, highlighting the status of operations and certifying internal controls.

This approach therefore guarantees an unequaled ability to adapt the consolidation process to the continuous change of business needs.