BI, Analytics & Data Mining

BIOS, thanks to the ICT division, has developed a strong expertise in Sales & Marketing Analytics applications. Every decision in the marketing field is an opportunity, but at the same time a risk, which may depend on the success or failure of a product, a service.

The huge amount of data in circulation, coming from different sources, represents a world of hidden knowledge and potential. To access this knowledge, it is necessary to give an accurate and evolutionary reading of reality.

BIOS can develop light and comprehensive reporting that, by querying and integrating company databases, transforms data into valuable information to support decision making. The creation of management dashboards, based on Business Intelligence platforms, makes it easy to consult all the information that Top Management needs and allows to obtain new perspectives of analysis and indications on the achievement of future objectives and trends. The reports, the graphs and the performance indicators, if correctly identified and combined, allow the main objectives and business parameters to be monitored interactively and intuitively.

Bios completes the range of Corporate Performance Management solutions through the implementation of Sales Planning, Forecasting and Profitability tools.

BIOS offers answers to strategic business needs: on the one hand the need to integrate predictive and analytical skills within the company decision-making processes, using tools that can guarantee the agility necessary to face the times of the business and to respond quickly to its more frequent changes; on the other, the need to do it in a simple way, allowing users to have full control of the situation.