Effectiveness and efficiency are the key words of business management through processes; this type of approach allows to simplify internal communication and to increase the sharing of tacit knowledge. The goal is to rationalise redundant activities and to optimise processes in a transversal way thus allowing the identification of critical factors that, once strengthened, will make the entire organizational structure solid and functional, encouraging internal and external collaboration to achieve the set goals. .

Our intervention consists in supporting the companies management towards the optimization of business activities, the creation of synergies and the availability of measurable results which facilitate the management in strategic planning activities, allowing the elimination of low added value operations and the creation of a competitive advantage

Bios Management proposes a Workflow Management solution in order to define the organization with which the decision-making processes must be managed in a project: MANAGEMENT OF ISSUES, MANAGEMENT OF CHANGES, APPROVAL OF PROJECT DOCUMENTS, APPROVAL OF PROJECT DELIVERABLE AND MILESTONE.

A Workflow system offers the possibility to encode the organization of work by automating it: automation can take place on all or part of a business process, during which documents, information or activities are passed from one participant to another to be elaborated according to a set of procedural rules.

  • Capture of structured and unstructured data
  • Multi-channel publication and dispatching of information and content
  • Management of cases, practices, files, reports, etc.
  • Collaboration management
  • Modeling and execution of structured processes
  • Business Process Intelligence
  • Digital Agenda
Used technologies
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