Information is one of our Clients’ core assets and we treasure it. We gather, analyze, organize and simplify information. Our challenge? To turn data into value. For this reason we believe that Business Intelligence (BI) plays a fundamental role in supporting the managerial figures (but not only them) responsible for making strategic decisions for the enterprise.

BIOS Management proposes itself as a support to the key subjects of companies, guaranteeing professionalism and sustained assistance in the definition of aims and strategies, in their analysis and constant monitoring. What are the results of this approach? Greater speed in decision making, greater analytical skills, greater business knowledge, greater planning ability and greater effectiveness in corrective interventions.


  • Reporting & Dashboard (Finance, Sales, Operation & Marketing)
  • Key Performance Indicator
  • Clustering, Predictive & Analytics
  • Balanced Scorecard
  • Big Data
  • Data Integration
Used technologies
BI, Analytics & Data Mining
BIOS, thanks to the ICT division, has developed a strong expertise in Sales & Marketing Analytics applications. Every decision in the ...Read more
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