Sales Force Automation

In sales activities, a customer-oriented strategy, supported by a centralized information management system for customers, leads and prospects, can quickly drive business negotiations and sales opportunities.

Today, more than ever, you need to be able to manage all the details of negotiations, easily process quotes to increase business and consolidate customer relationships in the shortest possible time, as well as being able to collect, analyze and access information through user-friendly methods and features that can be easily integrated into daily business procedures.

Bios Management supports companies in guiding them to develop strong customer relationships through Customer Relationship Management solutions with the aim of improving efficiency and increasing value and return on investment through a better understanding of customer needs and full control of the entire business flow.

Our approach to projects involving CRM solutions takes shape through a process that we like to build together with our clients, supporting and accompanying them. A CRM solution should not be considered only from the point of view of the enabling technology, but we believe that, for a successful project, it should be considered as a real business philosophy. 

The main phases of a CRM project consist indeed in an accurate analysis of the real needs and, above all, of the objectives to be achieved. It is also essential to carefully map out the company's current internal processes in order to define and redesign, together with the client, the winning strategy that will enable the company to reach its objectives in the best possible way.

This approach guarantees the creation of a professional and highly customized solution that meets the real needs of your business model. 

  • Sales Force Empowerment
  • CRM Strategy
  • Lead Management
  • Contact management engine
  • Automation of business processes involving direct contact with customers in the areas of Sales, Marketing and After-Sales Support.
  • Sales Funnel
  • Clustering and Behavioural Analysis
  • Management and monitoring of sales opportunities
  • Creation of Mailing Lists and management of Newsletter/DEM campaigns
Used technologies