Human Capital Management

Bios Management, through Human Capital Management solutions, supports HR Departments in the creation, management and development of Human Capital in the company, transforming the traditional administrative functions of HR departments (recruitment, training, payroll and performance management) into opportunities to stimulate commitment, productivity and corporate value.

We provide solutions to companies that enable them to attract and retain new talent, optimize workforce management and investments, and streamline HR operations.

The workforce is a core business asset whose value can be maximized through strategic investment and management, just like any other resource. 

  • Management of company organization and personnel administration, benefits and compensation
  • Management of the assessment and competency process and talent development: competency models and assessments, appraisal plans, management of assessments, development and succession plans.
  • Training management, course catalogue, registration of sessions, participants and costs. Use of course evaluation questionnaires, training gap analysis and compliance analysis.
  • Recruitment process management: definition of needs, multi-channel collection with integration with agencies, headhunters and social sites, screening management, interview management (organizing schedules, regulatory checks, job interviews and tests, job proposals)
  • Health surveillance, occupational safety management, risk management, risk assessments and improvement plans (ISO 45001, ISO 140001)
  • Management of company assets: allocations, availability, schedules, periodic checks and maintenance
Used technologies