Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)

Bios Management provides EPM solutions with the aim of offering companies a unique and reliable source of information, capable of providing Top Management with the possibility of analyzing the evolution of company performance, producing "What-if" simulation analysis scenarios, developing Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting, Fast Closing activities and preparing Consolidated Financial Statements.

Today, EPM solutions are considered strategic for the management of all types of organizations, as they link financial and operational metrics to insights and essentially drive strategies, strategic plans and their execution. Managers can use EPM to improve performance across the organization by monitoring financial and operational results against forecasts and targets and relying on data analysis to recognize key trends and predict outcomes.

In an environment exposed to constant change, new competitors and economic uncertainty, we help organizations, through technology, to plan, budget, forecast and report on business performance, as well as consolidate and finalize financial results, a process often referred to as 'closing the books'. These solutions are primarily used by CFOs and the Finance department, while they help other functional areas such as HR, Sales, Marketing and IT with operational planning, budgeting and reporting to help companies understand the data and use them to make more accurate business decisions.

  • Business Analytics
  • Systems Development in Planning and Control area
  • Systems Development in Financial Planning area
  • Budget and Forecast processes
  • Cost Allocation processes
  • Fast Closing & Financial Consolidation
  • Management Reporting (Finance, Sales, Operation & Marketing)
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Clustering, Predictive Analytics
  • Balanced Scorecard
Used technologies
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