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GAIA S.p.A. is a public capital company that since 1 January 2005 manages the Integrated Water Service according to the Convention stipulated with the then Area Authority No. 1, today AIT (Tuscany Water Authority) Local Conference n.1 "Toscana Nord" .
GAIA manages the water services in a territory that includes most of the Municipalities of the Province of Lucca (Garfagnana, Media Valle del Serchio, Versilia), three Municipalities of the Val di Lima in the Province of Pistoia and the Municipalities of the Province of Massa (except Zeri).
The area covers 48 Municipalities, for a total of 2,586 square kilometers, in which there are 445,515 inhabitants (Istat 2011 data) and about 260,000 users.


The Authority for Electricity, Gas and the Water System starting from 2016 has extended to the water sector the obligation of accounting separation, already in force in the electricity and gas sectors. Companies operating in this sector must therefore review the internal processes and support information systems in order to draw up "Separate Annual Accounts" (CAS), for each of the activities carried out, articulating the accounting separation between assets and related sectors.

Solutions and benefits

The solution developed by BIOS has provided water service managers with an application solution to manage monthly economic fast closing and accounting unbundling with a structured and intuitive workflow.
In addition to fulfilling the aforementioned obligations, Gaia Spa has taken the opportunity to extend the solution in areas of Financial Planning.