Corporate performance management

Founded in 2000 in Lugano, where today its Headquarters is based, Ticino Hotels Group is a management company that manages an exclusive collection of six structures on the lakes of Lugano and Maggiore in the Canton of Ticino in Switzerland.
Created by a team of Italian and Ticinese entrepreneurs, it is one of the most prestigious hotel management groups in the whole of Ticino, combining the renowned values ​​of Italian hospitality and catering to Swiss precision and efficiency.


The main requirement was the creation of a single repository fed by all the information necessary for top management to drive the company: definition of specific campaigns and promotions, timely identification of sales strategies aimed at optimizing costs, Development, optimization and monitoring of forecasting models. To these were added other needs related to management, operational and operational reporting.

Solutions and benefits

Implementation of a Business Intelligence and CPM platform that has made it possible to rationalize and make all strategic and operational information available