Business process management

DMO Piemonte s.c.r.l., denominated Piemonte Marketing, plays the role of technical control booth that contributes to the achievement of the objectives defined by the Piedmont Region, which has exclusive ownership in tourism.
Moreover, Piemonte Marketing, founded in 2017 after the merger with IMA - Piedmont Agri-food Marketing Institute - plays an important role in planning and organizational support in the Piedmont regional agro-food promotion activities.


Organizational and functional review of strategic processes to meet the information needs of the Region and in compliance with the requirements of transparent administration.
Uniqueness, fruition and relevance of the data, related to the design and institutional areas in all possible dimensions of analysis.

Solutions and benefits

The implementation of two technological solutions: BPM which allowed to engineer and optimize the processes of acquisition and reporting of internal and external costs; Business Intelligence and CPM through which an integrated module dedicated to planning and management control has been developed.