CRM - Customer Relationship Management

Ekis is a company specialized in coaching, consulting and training, aimed at companies and individuals.
It all started in 2000, when Livio Sgarbi and Roberto Pesce decided to create a company able to convey to people the fire they had inside. Ekis Srl is born, a special name (means "X" in Spanish) with a special logo: three growing hexagons that represent the continuous growth of excellence.
Immediately after, Andrea Grassi enters the company and in 2014 Alessandro Mora is added. Today it is in continuous and constant growth. Currently the team consists of 56 professionals: these people form the Ekis Family.


The requirement of Ekis consisted mainly in a redefinition of the commercial process that consisted:

  • from a strategic point of view, a segmentation of the customers and an up-selling and cross-selling management
  • from the operational point of view the design of a new process of enrollment in the continuously provided courses.
Solutions and benefits

The intervention of Bios led to the implementation of an integrated solution of CRM and Business Intelligence. It allows the automation of performance analysis and the electronic contracting process, with consequent management of opportunities and calculation of commissions. A solution with the characteristic of centralization and univocity of information that has enabled Ekis to have total accessibility and usability of data in a single centralized instrument and to monitor and supervise the entire commercial process in a rapid and automated manner.