Giletta - a Bucher Company

Corporate Performance Management

Giletta Bucher Municipal is a leading company in the production of municipal vehicles for road cleaning, snow removal and garbage collection for public and private spaces. In the last decades the company has registered an important growth through the acquisition of companies in the municipal vehicles sector. The company currently offers a wide range of compact and chassis sweepers, winter maintenance equipment and vehicles for waste collection.


Giletta Bucher Municipal needed to set up a process of planning and control of the order through the preparation of balance sheet and income statement balance sheet with classification for management reporting and a Cost Allocation system according to the financial dimensions: order, service, agent, cost center, intercompany and geographic area.

Solutions and benefits

The solution has ensured the reorganization and control of the budget and integration process in a single CPM instrument through the implementation of a contract planning and control system through the preparation of budget and forecast that integrates all the elements of budget into a single flow taking into account economic and patrimonial variables. The system allows the historicization of different versions of budget and forecast that can be analyzed and compared with the actual data coming from the legacy systems. It was also possible to guarantee a book that is always up-to-date and usable, containing the informative detail through a customizable driver.