EPM & Analytics

Carioca s.p.a. was born from the legacy of one of the leading Italian companies in the production of coloring, writing and drawing articles: Universal s.p.a. in 1964 was a company that started creating products for writing and drawing. Carioca S.p.a. it is an ever-expanding reality, with its tempera, school outfits, modeling pastes, colored pencils, wax crayons, game packaging and all that is needed for creativity to express itself.

  • Need to make the group's analysis and control methodologies uniform
  • Planning and monitoring of the sales network
  • Provide decision support to the Administration and Finance area
  • Business intelligence system to monitor sales force performance
  • Profitability analysis by customer and item
  • Development of a system of key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Management reporting system
  • Greater effectiveness in decision making
  • Speed and flexibility in information analysis

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