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Kering is a leading luxury group headquartered in Paris, which owns brands specialized in the creation, production and sale of excellent products, especially in leather goods, footwear, clothing, watches and jewelry. The group owns brands such as Gucci, Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga, Brioni and Boucheron. 

  • Implementation of a centralized tool for sales planning, resulting from the need for group harmonization of information systems in use between different brands, with a particular focus on the management and allocation of incentives on different stores
  • Analysis, design and development of a planning system on a Corporate Performance Management platform aimed at collecting data from different sources, realization of daily dashboards available to the interested company function, with the most relevant business governance metrics 
  • Creation of a revision management system on different working versions, with a focus on the validation process of the data under examination
  • Creation of a business intelligence system published to over 30 users with specific profiles, possibility of self analysis of information, navigation and extraction of the same
  • Increased number of key information monitored and information quality 
  • Reduced effort required to produce reports comparing key metrics
  • Ability to generate working versions following a validation process to support strategic and operational decision making
  • Management of customized user profiles on assigned sales channels

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