Business intelligence & process management

Extrabanca arises from the union of people from all over the world, with the primary objective of helping anyone to realize their dreams through credit.
A young and dynamic bank for foreigners, characterized by a multi-ethnic team to best meet the needs of an increasingly multicultural world.


The objective of Extrabanca was the construction of a credit datamart with historical depth, able to allow analysis and reporting according to the needs of business development and control of the Bank's processes.

Solutions and benefits

Implementation of a credit datamart through the construction of the logic and the processes of feeding the database and integrating the information flows. It has thus enabled the preservation of historical data and the historicization of elementary data for future development of analysis and solutions (e.g. models scoring) and external data (e.g. CRIF, CeRi).
All this has allowed us to nourish and enrich the Business Intelligence platform, developing ad hoc reports, improving the accuracy and depth of analysis of information regarding the finance and credit area.