Business process reengineering

Diners Club Italia, the first credit card issued in the world and in Italy since 1958. Since October 5, 2015 Diners Club Italia has officially become part of the Cornèr Bank Group, a private and independent Swiss banking institution, active in the entire range of traditional banking offer, with specialization in the areas of Private Banking, financing, Visa, MasterCard and Diners Club (Cornèrcard) payment cards and online trading (CornèrTrader). It is also a leader in the Swiss payment instruments market with the management of over 1.7 million cards. Diners Club is a constantly evolving network, now present in 190 countries worldwide and chosen as a partner of 28 million shops and 8 million members for their purchases.


The acquisition by a new group has created the need to review and harmonize the processes according to group best practices.

Solutions and benefits

Thanks to the creation of a joint team (managers and external consultants), it was possible to map and revise the core processes with a view to harmonizing at group level. In this way the best practices were defined with consequent improvement in internal efficiency (operating costs, dedicated time, resources used) and effectiveness (quality of services provided to customers, risk control).